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Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Old & New Year 2010-2011" dive trip..

SAC  and Sileya Scuba Divers from Selayar.. 

31/12/2010 - 01/01/ dive trip to welcoming 2011

1st dive: nite dive at Samalona island (31/12-2010, 23.30 wita).. last dive at year 2010!
2nd dive: day dive at Kodingareng keke island (01/01-2011, 08.00 wita).. first dive at year 2011

thanks to EO, jeung Sita Bachtiar.. success!

facing the future.. dive harmony!


busy time..

foto sebelum ke pulau..

persiapan midnite dive di Samalona..

to shore..

oM Bun-bun melet

py nuyeeeeerrr Mr. Lion!

SAC Female Divers at midnite..

Mr. cuttlefish said: 
"hey.. get off that torch from my face!"


happy buddies!

morning breeze in 2011

sleep like a baby..

siap2 utk dive pertama di tahun 2011

masih muka bantaLLLL..!

1st dive in year 2011
Kodingareng keke island

above the coral garden..

yang lain pada hunting makro..

capturing moment..

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