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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

dive dive...moment on dive

hey yaaaaa....i'm back
yesterday we went dive on Kodingareng and Samalona island gathering sub acuatic community february 27 2011

trying bouyance in "bertapa style' ckckck

 its me buddy...with cubby face ''closse up'' ckckckk

with my buddy zul mude

acting ''drinking in the under water''....
you know i'm so sad...people juz spend their un organic rubbish in a water..they juz dont care that un organic rubbish can destroy our underwater friends..such coral, fish and other funny biota

 in our twice dive on Samalona Island

our ''konyol'' acting ckckckck

 relaxing at ''bibir pantai'' and they call me as a nuddy...giant nuddy Lol

 found fish...maybe ''buntala fish''
 or puffer fish here

check around

its fun buddies.....
even with high wave about 1,5km we are nekat for dive
Alhamdulillah i didnt vomiting as ussually they called me as a ''jackpot girl''
Thanks God..we're back home safe

and the rest...i really hate after dive
"washing my gear'' ckckckck

_i love to diving_
Thanks Allah, o give me chance enjoying and say Syukron for your creature Under water


  1. ikan buntala itu nyonya puff nya sponge bob kan tante cucank???

  2. ikan buntala aka puffer fish hehehehe