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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Masa subur atau Fertile Period

Women with any problem, any question about their cycle, bout their life and their beauty thing...sure
even me...maybe its suitable in my case hehehe..u know been 1 year, belum berhasil hamil juga euy :))

Gambar organ reproduksi wanita

Fertile period is a period of menstruating women in the cycle where there is a mature egg that is ready to be fertilized, so that if the woman had sexual intercourse it is possible to conceive.

Menstruating cycle is influenced by female sex hormones are estrogen and progesterone. These hormones cause physiological changes in female body that can be viewed through several clinical indicators
Fertile period can be known by counting of menstrual periods, changes in mucus, and basal body temperature changes

Actually..not difficult to know it, but we have to carefully or precise to see the situation lets we invstigating one by one the ''precise situation''

menstrual circle
When regular menstrual cycles (28 days):
The first day of the menstrual cycle is calculated as the day-to-1
fertile period is the day of the 12th until the 16th day of the menstrual cycle
There are also experts who believe, between 22-35 days. "Thus, the egg came out in mid-cycle, around day 14 until the 16 th counted from the first day of menst

- Bagi yang siklus haidnya teratur, masa subur berlangsung 14 +/- 1 hari haid berikutnya. Artinya masa subur berlangsung pada hari ke 13 sampai hari ke 15 sebelum tanggal haid yang akan datang.
- Bagi yang siklus haidnya tidak teratur maka pertama tama harus dicatat panjang siklus haid sekurang kurangnya selama 6 siklus. Dari jumlah hari pada siklus terpanjang, dikurangi dengan 11 akan diperoleh hari subur terakhir dalam siklus haid tersebut. Sedangkan dari jumlah hari pada siklus terpendek dikurangi 8, diperoleh hari subur pertama dalam siklus haid tersebut. Misal : siklus terpanjang = 31, sedangkan siklus terpendek = 26, maka masa subur dapat dihitung, 31 – 11 = 20, dan 26 – 8 = 18, jadi masa subur berlangsung pada hari ke 18 sampai hari ke 20.

By knowing the fertile period, it will be useful for couples with problems in getting the descent, in particular by:
1. Assessing the incidence and timing of ovulation. 
2. Predict fertile days maximum.
3. Optimizing time for sexual intercourse to get pregnant.
4. Help identify some of the problems of infertility.

 Cervical Mucus Method
The hormone estrogen peak during ovulation occur and affect the cervical mucus. Approaching ovulation cervical mucus is usually a rather thin, and when touched with two fingers forming yarn and colored nodes

 In this method assessed the nature of mucus or fluid produced by the cervix or the cervix. Time of ovulation or the fertile period, cervical mucus will increase in number with a clear color and elastic. Currently, women will feel wet kelaminya channel. To check for cervical fluid elasticity can be done by entering the index finger into the vagina until it touches the cervix and cervical fluid filled after the finger was removed from the vagina, with the help of thumb, the liquid is drawn in such a way (slowly) until the end. When you cut off less than 10 cm then the woman is not in the fertile period, when up of about 10 cm then the woman is in the fertile period.

Body Temperature Method
This method is a bit more complicated, but still can be done by couples of childbearing age. First of all, we must measure the temperature of the woman's body since the first menstrual cycle until the next menstrual period in the morning (just got up). 

Daily temperatures were then recorded and connecting it with the line (like making a graph). When ovulation / fertility, body temperature will rise 0.05 to 0.2 degrees Celsius. When it's time to have sex. Indeed this is the most complicated but there is no harm in trying.

Yang terakhir adalah  Alat Tes Ovulasi 
Saat ini juga sudah dijual bebas diapotik atau toko obat alat untuk menilai masa subur yaitu Test prediksi masa subur atau ovulasi. Alat test ini bekerja dengan mengukur kadar hormone LH yang dihasilkan saat ovulasi. Alat ini digunakan seperti test kehamilan tetapi tentu saja harganya lebih mahal.

Dengan mengetahui kapan masa subur anda, dapat membantu anda yang berencana mempunyai anak dan juga sekaligus sebagai metode Keluarga Berencana atau kontrasepsi yang natural untuk yang masih mau menunda kehamilan, jangan melakukan hubungan seksual pada saat subur..

hope we luck...
me too

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